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Elvis 1993 First Day of Issue Stamp Set

Elvis 1993 First Day of Issue Stamp Set “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” This is a quote by Elvis who broke the rules, broke records, and became the King of Rock and Roll. Today we still remember the one and only Elvis Presley as one of the greatest singers. This stamp set celebrates Elvis like no other could. It features a record album with Elvis singing some of his most popular songs, a set of 40 Elvis unused stamps, a single stamp along with a copy of the original photo used for the stamp, and a 45 rpm record size card with a single stamp. All of these items are included in this commemorative¬†collectors kit and they’ve been maintained in a cardboard sleeve for the last 25 years making them as perfect as the day they arrived.


Many sellers have broken this item up and are selling the individual components separately.