Shipping Rates

Domestic Shipping Charges-$6.99

Domestic Shipping Charges. When USPS raised their rates on January 27, 2019, they forced us to raise our rates as well.  The good news is we have a ton of items in our FREE SHIPPING category and we will continue to add even more. 

We are currently offering $6.99 Flat Rate Shipping to anywhere in the United States. Take advantage of this rate now.

Global Shipping Charges:

We can ship outside our domestic shipping zones and in fact, we welcome global business – with the following caveat: We must require an additional amount to cover postage to ship out of the United States. Please contact us for actual rates to your country before finalizing your order.

We are currently only offering to ship to Canada through our shopping cart.

Shipping Charges Explained:

Shipping charges are automatically added to your purchase by PayPal and are based upon the above domestic rate calculations. PayPal is finally providing a weight option for shipping calculations, however; we would have to go back and weigh every item in our inventory in order to take advantage of this. At this time, this is not a feasible task to undertake.
The cost of shipping is an ongoing issue since there is no way for us to second guess the total weight or in what geographical location your order will be shipped, all of which factor in when calculating the actual shipping charges. As much as we would like to cover 100% of the shipping charges, we just cannot and continue to keep our prices lower than most.

In conclusion: Contact us and we will make sure your shipping charges are as accurate and as inexpensive as possible for your particular your order. You will still be able to use PayPal for the purchase, but you will ultimately bypass the shopping cart when finalizing your order.
Insurance: We do not automatically add insurance to our shipments through the post office. If your item (s) is shipped via FedEx they are automatically insured up to $100. We use the amount you paid to declare the value of the item (s) and not the actual or market value. We will always ship by the least expensive method.

If you believe your item should be insured beyond what is mentioned above,  please contact us.

Thank you!

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