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Thank you for the great CC logo necklace! Arrived better than it looked online, cute packaging, and safely shipped. As fast as Amazon! I will definitely return to Gone Tomorrow in the future! Great business!

—Thanks, Lara

Just got a chance to say thanks for the order. Wow, it came very quickly, and packaged so nicely. I didn’t see a place to leave a review or feedback but I’m really pleased.


Hi Sharon
Thanks for letting me know you have received my order. I look forward to receiving and using my new table runner.

Sharon the DeGrazia print arrived today and in fine shape……..hell you couldn’t have gotten it here much faster if you had driven down to Green Valley. Thank you very much for the very lovely pen………it’s mine, I’m not giving it to any tenant. I’m very pleased…….thanks.
Randy was the first recipient of our Free Gift Program.

Thanks. Neat store. Will return. —-Denise
Follow up from Denise below (Edited for relevance)
Hi there. I ordered $38.00 worth of clothes from you and have to tell you, this was the best transaction. You packaged the clothes so wonderfully and the little gift was darling. Please keep getting things in. I will definitely come back.

I appreciate your service and online website, I loved the stuff I found.

Do you do an email update of when you get new items on your website? If not
how often do you add new stuff?

J. M.

Thanks to J.M’s message, we have initiated a program of alerting our customers of when new items are added to the site.

I’m so glad I found your site. Most of your prices are really reasonable.
If this purchase goes well I will be doing a lot more business with you.
—Thanks, Connie
We shipped Connie’s order out the same day, so we’re hoping the purchase went well for her.

To whom it may concern-

I ordered and paid for some items since October 11th or 12th. I received an e-mail from someone at your company stating that you will be mailing out the items on Tuesday 14th. It is now 9 days later and I have not received anything. Please let me know what the status of my order is.

Anxious customer,
We were naturally concerned about the order not arriving on time, but since Veronica lives on the East Coast and we’re on the West Coast, we asked Veronica to wait a couple more days. The next day we received the following email from Veronica.

Dear Sharon

I have to let you know that I received the items today, and I am very pleased with them. Thank you for the gift. The baby will enjoy it.
If you should get anything else that is suitable for this season, I will surely be interested.



Once again the post office came through.

Hi Sharon! The set arrived today and it is beautiful!! Many thanks. I hope we can do biz again soon!
Best regards,

Hi Sharon-
The package arrived today and I’m just thrilled with everything (including the little Christmas stocking you sent).
Thank you so much. I’ll be looking forward to more of your listings.
Please keep me posted when you list new items.
Thanks again!

Hi Sharon, I wanted to let you know Foo Foo arrived right on time!
Thank you sooooo much!
Terrie’s reference to Foo Foo is what her little girl calls her Beanie Baby named Strawbunny.

Thank you for your prompt response. Impressive! Happy New Year to you, Sharon.

Sharon-you my dear are awesome !! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!
Take care, (payment has been sent & as always it has been a pleasure!!)

When I grow up in EBay and computer sites, I want to be as well done as you. Honestly, from the sales to the communication to the packaging, each to me is done in perfection. Just wanted to let you know. As they say in the movies, “I’ll be back!” Continued good selling through your efforts at the site and through EBay.

Most sincerely,

I couldn’t be happier with this site!!

The soup tureen has arrived!!!! It’s lovely…and so is the extra plate!!! What a treat..
I love pewter….so of course, I always love extra pieces!! That was most generous of you!!!!!
I posted much deserved feedback for you on eBay….
warm fuzzy bear hugs to you!!!!!

Hi Sharon

I am happy with my purchase and I’ll give you a 10.

Thank you sooo much for the extra gift! You are too thoughtful for words! The picture is beautiful and will fit right in my black & white toile bedroom!
Take Care,
Beth has been shopping Once in a Blue Moon for months and as a small token of our appreciation for her many purchases, I included an extra surprise in her shipment.

Hi Sharon, I just wanted to let you know that my shipment got here safe and sound. I couldn’t be happier with the items. They are real treasures and I appreciate your working with me on these items.
Again, many thanks!

Well, first off let me say, wow. I really like this web site and can see myself spending a lot of time here in the future.

Thanks. I also wanted to tell you I received my things yesterday and I loved them they were great you have some really neat stuff
Thanks again,

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to let you know we received the items ordered. Everything was as described, and we are pleased with it all.



I wanted to take the time to thank you. I received my order yesterday and the placemats/napkins are lovely. They will be used in making Battenberg lace angels. It’s almost impossible to find Battenberg items in this area. You have helped make my grandchildren very happy!!
Your website is one I’ll visit often….impeccable service!
Thanks again…


Hi Sharon

I purchased a white soup tureen from you via the “Once In A Blue Moon” website at the end of November, but have never received it, so wanted to find out why not – is there a problem? I paid via PayPal instant transfer on November 30, and it is now December 11! Please advise ASAP – thanks!

I totally messed up on Sandra’s order by forgetting to ship her soup tureen. I have no excuse for this blatant error, other than to say I did not follow proper procedures. My deepest apologies to Sandra.

Hi Sharon
My items came in today and I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with everything!! I also wanted to thank you for the great deals that you offer, and to let you know that I have passed your page on to all of my friends and family.
Thanks again,

I received the Apollinaris match holder/striker today, and it’s exactly what I wanted. I had a surprisingly hard time finding one in the L.A. area, so I’m very glad I went online and found your site.
Thanks very much
Best regards,

Thank you, I have been looking for Battenberg Runners for months, I use them for a doll I make and have not been able to find the runners here in Houston…………, I thank you for having them!

Hello. Thank you for your message. I received the umbrella yesterday in fine shape!
Thanks much!

Hi Sharon,
A quick note to let you know that both packages were delivered yesterday. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I am well pleased with my purchases.
Thank you for providing such excellent service!

Just to let you know that I received my order today and let me just say that I am very, very happy with all the items I ordered. Thank you very much and I plan on visiting your site more often.


I got my box today and just love it all! The photos don’t show how lovely the things really are. Thanks for having such a great site!
—Mrs. Montgomery

Dear Sharon
I received the beautiful plate today safely. Thank you very much for the good packaging & prompt service.

I LOVE this store! I am always delighted when a package arrives from here. The only thing that would send me into orbit is if Pet stuff was sold!!!!

Good afternoon! Just wanted to let you know I received the coat yesterday evening and let me say it is just gorgeous. Thanks,

Hey, I just wanted to say that I got the necklaces and I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it took so long to tell you that.
Thanks, they are beautiful!

You have a really easy to use fun site! I am home recovering from surgery and can’t make it to the thrift stores so this really helped me pass this rainy day! – Thanks, —Pattie

Love the store……..first complaint….where are you. Canadian I hope, no mention of location anywhere!!! I’m sick of paying US $$’s to Canadian eBay.
Second complaint…where are the dolls section??


Dear Sharon

My order just arrived and I’m very pleased. I really like the bird tin!! Everything was nicely wrapped and arrived in good condition. I’ll definitely shop at “Blue Moon” again!


I received the books yesterday and just wanted to say thanks. They are fabulous!!
Kind regards
—Faith. H.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know the package arrived today and was very nice and I love it. Thanks very much. Have a great week ahead!!
—Ewald – Leesburg, Florida

Hello! I received my goodies from you yesterday and I am just thrilled! I love everything…especially the beautiful Josephine Chaus suit. It’s just gorgeous and in PERFECT condition! Thank you so much for having such a wonderful website like this! I’ll definitely be back for more! —Julie B.

Thanks for your prompt shipping of my order. Sorry, I didn’t reply earlier. I was extremely pleased to find this rare sheet music on your website. I have already spent a considerable amount of time playing it on my piano!!
Hoping to do business again in the future. Many Thanks,

Hi Sharon …

I thoroughly enjoyed your site … that’s no surprise since I am an avid thrift/antique store shopper, and browsing through your online store was quite similar to browsing through a regular store.
Have a wonderful day!

Once again, thanks for everything! I absolutely LOVE your website and will check it often for your wonderful bargains! I look forward to receiving my goodies! 🙂
Again I’m terribly sorry about the e-mail mix-up.
Sincere Thanks,
Irving, Texas

Hi Sharon
I received the sweater yesterday, and it’s really in terrible shape. I’d hardly call it more than a rag. Could I please return it for a refund?
Melissa’s response completely stunned us. However, we understand everyone’s tastes are not the same and as hard as we try and as much as we’d like to, we just can’t please everyone. We refunded Melissa’s money and told her she need not return the sweater/rag.


I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and I am very impressed…I’m sure I will be ordering again…


The plate arrived last Saturday. Very fast! Thank you so much. I really appreciate the promptness.
Have a great week!

Hi Sharon
I got the pins and they are all wonderful. I hope when Christmas comes I will be able to part with them!

Hi Sharon-

I just wanted to let you know that I received my books quite a few days ago but this is the first chance that I had to email you. They are wonderful and I just love them. Thanks again and I’ll be shopping again soon….
(Edited for relevance)

I love your website! Please keep it coming. Thanks.
—Zye Thomas

This online thrift store is a great!!
—Shirley Bohn

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful site, and I was really impressed at how quickly I received my order, and the clothing that was ordered for my daughter were in excellent condition, I will definitely be buying from you again.


The products have arrived and everything is perfect. Thanks for the smooth transaction.


Your store looks like fun.

The following message was received with a request to receive our newsletter.
you have inspired me so……

I really enjoyed shopping at your site.

Hello Sharon. As always thank you for excellent service, stuff and super-fast shipping.

—Teressa “Annette”

I just wanted to let you know that I got my package an hour ago. They said it was scanned wrong or something and shipped to the wrong zip code. Well, anyway I am very happy with everything and I like the little bag the crystals came in. Thank you very much for everything.

I wanted to let you know that the Royal Standard ‘Winsome’ plate arrived fast and in great condition! Again, thanks for great service! I plan to do business with you in the future, and I already have my eye on a couple other patterns!

—Susan (Edited for relevance)

Hi Sharon,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the Items that I ordered today, Everything arrived in perfect condition, You secured the package very, very, well.
It was like getting Christmas gifts everything wrapped up in nice tissue paper. Thank you so much, I love your thrift store, I will definitely be back soon.

I received my shabby chic white rose arrangement today. Thanks for the prompt shipping. It was packed very nicely and arrived in good condition.
The piece was exactly as described in your photo and written description. The white rose arrangement is perfect for its new “home” – a guest room I’m re-decorating in a cottage look decor. The rose arrangement is atop a cream-colored nightstand, and I have it on a stack of books. Its companion pieces are an ivory ceramic vase and a pale green pitcher. Looks like something from a magazine picture!
Thanks again. I “window shop” frequently at Blue Moon and look forward to finding another treasure.


I received the book today and it was in perfect condition! Thanks so much, I have been looking for this book for a while and was so happy to luck upon your site.


I am very pleased with all my purchases. You may use me as a reference if you want to.

Hi Sharon! My order arrived today, and the bowl is just perfect for where I wanted to use it, plus the packing of it was WONDERFUL!!! There’s no way it wouldn’t have arrived in one piece with such great packing. Now I am going to order two more matching pieces that you have listed. You are an awesome seller, who obviously value your customers. Thanks for everything, and I will shop at your store often! 🙂

Hi Sharon!

I got the items today and they are all in great condition. Thanks so much!


Thanks so much for your great customer service. I received all of the pottery items, and they were packed SO well, with much padding to assure safe arrival. I’m very pleased with each piece and with the smoothness of the entire transaction. Thanks so much. I highly recommend this website to others.


I just received my products. I just wanted to take a minute and say you have just gained a customer for life! Your service was fast and courteous. I am very satisfied with my items. Your descriptions match the condition exactly. I really appreciate that. I am recommending your site to my family and friends.
Thank you very much.
— Tracy

Thanks, Sharon.
I love to shop your store; your website is so well done.


Never in my imagination did I think the Lucy Fitch Perkins books would be of such wonderful QUALITY!!!
Honestly, I thought I was buying very small, hardly readable books. These here are PRECIOUS!!! They are of much better quality, of much larger size and much more adorable than I ever thought they would be! The colors are bright and I can’t wait to “read” into them!!!
Our children wait daily for parcels from our postal worker. It’s a rare day when we don’t get at least one. I truly believe that this will be one of their fondest memories when they look back on their childhoods. Sharon – you should have heard them calling out the names of the books from your package! And just the other day I found one or two vintage magazines on eBay and from the listed advertisements I found featured paper cut-out dolls from these books – in color. I was able to find the Cave Twins and one other. Of course, I bought them – not for the magazine but for a surprise when we read these books. Whenever I can, I try to purchase one object to go with each of the books I really like – then as we read, or after we finish, I pull out the “surprise”. I’ve been known to purchase antique dairy farm milk jugs (the big ones) to teach about old fashioned cow milking, Civil War uniforms for our twin boys to learn about the Civil War, you name it, I’ve attempted to buy it for a lesson. (Sound familiar my Sister in Shopping?)
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with ALL of the items we purchased from you. I’d love to purchase more in the future, God willing. I’ll try to send another note with a funny story about our thrift store “adventures” when I am able.
Thank you so very much for all of the work you put into this sale. We are VERY PLEASED!!! God bless you and your family.

Most grateful,