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What’s in a Name?

Once in a Blue Moon Online Thrift and Consignment Store

What’s in a Name?

Apparently a lot more than I thought. We’ve been in business for almost 12 years and have always been known as Once in a Blue Moon Online Thrift Store with a domain name of It was all so perfect when we started out because we could use the slogan of: Once in a Blue Moon Online Thrift Store,¬† Where Merchandise is Here Today and

Well as always, things change. The search engines or I should say, Google doesn’t like that the site name doesn’t match Really I understand completely. I guess if you wanted to go to Amazon, you wouldn’t think to type in Merchandise for Sale and expect to end up at Amazon and yet that’s what I am expecting everyone to do: to remember Blue Moon Online Thrift Store, but type in

Now we get to come up with a new logo to match Gone-Tomorrow. I love the tropical theme we’ve had all these years, so it might be a bit of a challenge. ūüôā NOPE. DONE!

We’ll keep you posted!


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You Can’t Judge a Book By its Cover.

Free Shipping Coupon

Sometimes we make statements without even realizing the total depth of their meaning. For example; “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Your first thought may be that you should not read the book if you don’t like the cover. That’s a logical deduction. But then there’s the chance the meaning could be to not judge a person by the way they look. How well I know that meaning having said this to my own children many, many times.¬† There are clearly a lot of different scenarios that may warrant the use of this phrase and I am going to point out yet another one now!

When browsing our site, the you first thing you may see is a photo of an item along with the a simple description and the price. Now if you were to simply judge that item based on what you see initially, you wouldn’t know that the item is listed with FREE SHIPPING!

I have been trying to find a way to flag these items, but haven’t had much luck yet. I’m not giving up though. In the meantime; please do not ‘judge our books by their covers.’

Oh and if you see an item you must have and FREE SHIPPING hasn’t been offered on it yet and Free Shipping Couponshould be, please contact me. I can offer you a coupon for free shipping.



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Are you looking forward to 2014?

I’ve heard chatter about how ‘they’ can’t wait for 2014 to get here so things will be better. I guess if you believe in numerology, 2014 could be a better year for you. On the other hand, why bother waiting until 2014 to make your life better?

Well, I can answer that for you! The reason you’ll wait until then is because there’s only two days left of 2013! And you know the motto: Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Or is it the other way around? Whatever.

I personally am going to try to make myself be a better person in 2014 by having a more positive attitude about situations in my life. I don’t know how I’m going to do it though, especially when I have a problem thinking positive thoughts when I’ve just finished cleaning the kitchen and a family member comes along behind me and creates another mess for me to clean up. I really do want to see the silver lining in this scenario, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.

Whatever your plans are for 2014 I hope you succeed in achieving all that you aspire to. Again, I know I’m going to try my darndest to be better. I think we should meet back here on this date in 2014 and see how we did. Is it a date?

In the meantime, have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!







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The Holidays Are Here Again!


Yes siree! It’s that time of year again and you either love it or hate it, but no matter which way it is, the holidays are here to stay for the next few weeks!

This year’s shopping frenzy was launched by a few of the stores on Thanksgiving Day and this was over protests from many people who thought the holiday should remain just that: A holiday where shopping is forbidden. I personally do not have a problem with the stores opening on Thanksgiving Day¬† if they have willing employees to work the shifts. After all, those same stores are also online and are open for business 24/7/365.¬† And besides, after you eat dinner what else is there to do, but shop?

The following day, or Black Friday as it’s more commonly known, was once again met with mob scenes at stores such as WalMart. I really do have a problem with this type of shopping because I do not think there’s anything out there worth getting into a fight over.

So we got past Black Friday with our big screen TV’s and were faced next with Small Business Saturday. Technically, we fall into this group. I mean we’re definitely a small business. I do not have much to add to this fairly new shopping day as I didn’t hear anything about how the businesses fared.

Now, we come to our domain! Cyber Monday! If you were not already shopped out by now, you should have been shopping the deals you could find online. And I hope you found some, but if you didn’t no need to panic because Cyber Monday has been expanded to include the entire week. That’ right! Cyber Monday is now Cyber Week!! Now that’s smart marketing because you still have plenty of time to shop till you drop!

To that point, you should know that we have a lot of hidden deals; like how we offer free shipping on certain items, only you have to check out the item in order to know this. We also have some little girl hair bows that are offered at a reduced price when you buy 3 at a time. (The photos the consignor sent are not the best, so don’t hold that against her. The bows are really awesome!! ) And of course, we have our Ace-in-the-Hole: The Name Your Price Sale! Where else can you shop and name the price you’re willing to pay? And it isn’t that hard to do: Send us an email at and tell us which item(s) you want and what you’re willing to pay. That’s all there is to it!

So let’s go shopping!


Bing Crosby-Mele Kalikimaka or Merry Christmas!

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Online Thrift Store Business

shop from home on computer

I thought I should take a few minutes to update you on what is going on with our online thrift and consignment store. If you visited us in the past you know we now have a complete new look and the site functions very differently and admittedly it’s probably better!

I am a little disappointed though in how long it’s taking to add our merchandise. In some cases items have had to be dealt with 3 or 4 times. It’s been partly due to the learning curve of this program and partly due to changing how the merchandise is presented and the balance is just the norm for adding an item.

In a perfect world, (like the way our redesign was handled in 2009) we could take our time to make sure everything was as good as it could get before switching over to the new design. This time we didn’t have the luxury of time. Our ranking on Google was slipping on a weekly basis and this was serious. I won’t go into all the details, but Google changed the way they present their search results which left us out in the cold. For us it was like the saying goes: Do or die!!! So we did. And I think Google will like us again soon.

We hope you’ll hang in there while we continue adding our merchandise and correcting our original mistakes. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed as we have so much new merchandise it will probably take us until we have to redesign the site again to get it on. Just kidding.




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An Online Thrift and Consignment Store

Once in a Blue Moon Online Thrift and Consignment Store

If you love thrift store shopping you’ve come to the right place! Here at Once in a Blue Moon Online Thrift and Consignment store, you’ll find new, used and even custom made items filling our cyber shelves. Some items can no longer be found in a department or discount store. So if you’ve been looking for something check us out. Especially since we’re also an online consignment store and so a lot of our items have been consigned to us. People who live all across the nation will bring us an awesome array of merchandise, some of which you may not be able to find where you live. Is it any wonder why we think our thrift store offers the best of all thrift store worlds: New-Used and Custom made?

Something else you’ll find a little different when shopping at our thrift store is how you might come across an antique or a vintage item mixed in with all the other up-to-date merchandise. We call those our ‘hidden treasures’ and we believe they’re what makes thrift store shopping so exciting!¬† We really think you’ll see it’s just as much fun to browse and shop at our online thrift store¬† as it is at a brick and mortar store. In fact, we think it’s even better!

Let’s go shopping!