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Let’s Get Ready for Halloween at!

While scrolling through my wall on Facebook, I couldn’t help but notice it was already inundated with Halloween decorations and we’re not even half way through August yet. Maybe they’re right and it is time to start thinking about the Fall Season and getting our decorations made now!

So, that’s what this post is all about. I took a few decorations from each place I found and hope you enjoy them.

From Incredible Recipes

Hand Painted Wine Glasses make a perfect center piece.

I hope you’re crafty because this doesn’t come with instructions.
Hand painted wine glasses for Halloween



Terra Cotta Pot Shelf Decorations

These are adorable and look simple enough to make.
Terra Cotta Pots shelf decoration from

Front Door Halloween Decorations.

All look easy enough to make and/or put together!

Front door Halloween

I’ll continue to look for fun, interesting and easy decorations we all could make!

Until next time.