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Easter DIY With Recyclables

Fun Make it Yourself Gift BoxEaster DIY With Recyclables

Easter DIY With Recyclables-With Easter quickly approaching and the weather not providing too many shopper friendly options, I thought this make-it-yourself-gift-box would be fun to make.

This unique Easter gift box is super easy to make! A clear plastic food container is simply painted pink, blue, or yellow and topped with colorful funny-paper posies and a bow.

Easter Gift Box Directions

Recycled items: small plastic food container and color comics from a newspaper.

You will also need- 7/8 yd of 7/8″ wide ribbon, desired color chalk paint or any spray paint, floral wire, wire cutters, green floral tape, tracing paper, and a low-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks.

  1. Paint the container
  2. Making the roses. (Make two following the directions) Trace petal pattern below, onto tracing paper; cut out. Use pattern to cut 6 petals from comics. Wrap top edges of each petal around a pencil to curl. (Fig. 1.)
  3. For rose center, cut a 3″ x 13″ strip from comics. Fold 1 end of strip 1/4″ to 1 side (wrong side). Matching wrong sides, fold strip in half lengthwise. (long folded edge is top of strip). Beginning with unfolded end, roll about one+quater of strip tightly; glue to secure. Roll remainder of strip loosely, folding small uneven pleats in bottom edge and spot gluing bottom edge to secure.
  4. With top edges curling outward, wrap bottom of 1 petal around bottom of rose center; glue to secure. Wrap a second petal around rose center opposite first petal; glue to secure. Overlapping petals, repeat to glue remaining petals around rose center.
  5. For stem on each rose, glue 1 end of a 2″ length of floral wire into bottom of rose. Wrap bottom of rose and wire with floral tape, covering wire completely.
  6. Follow Making a Multi-Loop Bow (Fig. 2) to make a double-loop bow from ribbon,  below.
  7. Arrange roses and bow on box as desired; glue in place.


petal pattern

Making a Multi-Loop Bow

Fig. 2
Layered Bow

A layered bow is two (or many) bows layered on top of each other and held together with the wires from the topmost bow. The wires on the other bows are cut close and the top bow has a center loop. The bottom bow is the largest and has the longest tails. 



1. Measure the length of  ribbon for the first tail. Hold the ribbon with your thumb and forefinger.

Multi-loop bow directions-

2. With the right side of the ribbon facing out, make a loop one side.  (8″ of ribbon makes a 4″ loop)

Multi-loop bow directions- 

3. Make a full twist of the ribbon so the right side of the ribbon is still facing out and make a loop toward the other side. 

Multi-loop bow directions- 

4. Continue alternating loops right and left, fully twisting the ribbon as you go, until you have made the required number of loops on each side. Put florist wire around the center and twist it tightly at the back of the bow. The wire should be tight enough so the loops move independently and can be adjusted to make a full, fluffy bow.