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DIY Projects!

DIY Project: Do you have an old bed frame sitting around?  

DIY Bedframe BenchA while back I spotted a photo of a garden bench I fell in love with. The site had a ton of ideas, but I globbed onto only the one. I mainly liked it because it had that vintage shabby chic look that always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside and it lets your imagination take you on a journey to a better place and time. At least for me it does. So I searched until I found a site with instructions and then as luck would have it, I also found someone local who was giving away a vintage maple queen size head and footboard. Did you catch the two main words? Giving away. Free. No charge. And I was first in line to take it!

Unfortunately, after explaining to my husband what I wanted and how we/he would build it, he talked me out of the queen size bed because, as he so annoyingly reminded me,  we had a twin bed frame in storage that could be used. I knew it wasn’t going to be the size I was hoping for, nor the look the queen would give me, but I had to go along with what he was willing to do.

That said; in spite of it ending up smaller than what I wanted, it is absolutely adorable and I do love it! The photo above was taken when it was almost complete. It now sports a white cushion with a bright red, orange and green floral design that I purchased at Walmart. If you think my new bench is cute, check out the benches on this site. They’re to die for!!  Oh and by the way; I explained to the woman who was giving the queen bed frame away what I had planned to do with it and she decided instead of getting rid of it, she would keep it and make a garden bench too! So in the end this project was a win-win.


This photo shows an awesome idea for a planter if you don’t have a lot of space, or soil to plant in. What’s great about it too is it can be scaled to whatever size you need. I think once the plants start growing, they will cover up the modern look if that isn’t your style. Instructions are not needed, as it’s a visual thing. So if you Cinder block planterhave cinder block sitting around instead of making a stereotypical bookcase, why not go for an easy outdoor planter? It looks as though the blocks are only stacked against the fence and not secured in any way. Anyway, in my famous last words it looks easy enough to build.


Patio color paletteI found this photo on a posting by Real Simple and chose it because of the colors. Whatever your color palette is this looks to be a simple and perfect way to bring them to the table, so to speak. Just find different elements (try the Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift Stores or, check us out too) in the same color tones, add flowers, grapes or any object matching the colors. Set them on your patio table and voila!