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Let’s DIY

Some DIY projects to fill your idle time.

The first one is primarily for our West Coast friends having to endure years of no rain to speak of, but clearly can be used for anyone wanting to conserve water. Of course it may take people on the West Coast a couple of years to fill the barrel.8728b

Unfortunately, instructions are not included. I’m sure though any man that’s handy around the house could figure it out in a minute.




e127The next idea also deals with the great outdoors and uses drought resistant plants to provide an awesome look for your fountain. We happen to have a fountain like this one and rarely do we fill it with water anymore, so this is a great way for it to be useful.




I think this interior décor item is interesting if for no other reason than what it’s made of and the amount of work that went into it’s creation. To that point; I bet you would never guess that the leaves are made from toilet paper rolls!  Each leaf is then sewn on the machine to give it the center vein. They’re spray painted silver or whatever color you would like, then very painstakingly attached with a glue gun to willow branches that were also spray Silver Leaves from Toilet Paper Rollspainted silver. The effect is awesome, yet clearly it does involve a lot of work.  A link to the site with more detailed instructions is attached to the photo and where you’ll also find more projects!





How many times have you seen pallets either laying around by industrial trash receptacles or for sale by someone for next to nothing? When they get their hands on one, most people either make a bookcase, use them to display their collectibles or some other indoor, creative decorative item. Well here is someone who thought outside the box to create this walkway and I love it! Wood Pallet Walkway