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A Look at Tablescapes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted decorating tips, so I thought while some of us may be into  spring cleaning it might be the perfect time to refresh your decorating style. I happened across Traditional Home’s (TH) web site and found that they’re spotlighting tablescapes by various designers. Perfect timing, I’d say.

Tablescape design
The tablescape to the left is from designer Gary McBournie’s home. TH says: The sculptural quality of the branches sets off this starry vignette. The lamp shade is just sitting on top of a clear vase and is obviously for effect only. How clever is that?

TH: An interplay of textures adds intrigue to a grouping of objects d’art.Tablescape Design 2
I personally do not care for the pinkish-tone lighting in this photograph, but the art work is intriguing and it shows you how a grouping of different types of art objects seem to work together.

TH: Fuchsia orchids pop against the neutrals of the picture hung above the Tablescape Designs 3table. This is an easy enough change to make in your home. You can add a ‘pop’ of color to any grouping to get an awesome effect. And most certainly the picture in the background wouldn’t have to be in black and white. Any muted color scheme would do.

You can find a lot of cute, inexpensive items in our Home Decor category that can help you to achieve similar looks to what are shown here.

To be continued with more Tablescapes in our next issue.