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Colors, Colors, Colors

Colors, Colors, Colors

Bing & Grondahl Mother's Day Plate blue and white colors
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While looking through some of the decorating sites found on the web, one element of current home decor trends was clearly predominate; the year 2016 is all about color! Bright colors at that! I saw Hot Pinks, pale pinks, yellows, turquoise, and purple to just name a few. Although, none of these colors made me stop and want to write about them. Until I came across the following photo from House Beautiful. I stopped dead in my tracks. House Beautiful-Delft Blue decor colors I have always loved the delft blue. I really prefer it in smaller doses though so I think there’s a bit too much of a good thing in the photo at left. In my opinion, the blue and white together are so striking that you need only had a touch here and there for an eye-catching look.  One great and inexpensive accent would be to add a Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate, or a Bing & Grondahl, Mother’s Day plate, as shown here. You can hang a plate or two on the wall or place on a couple of them on a plate stand and add to other items on a side table or buffet. Since yellow is one of the new 2016 colors, you’ll find that the royal blue looks fantastic with bright yellow!



Everyday home with blue and white decor color
Royal blue and white accented with pale aqua for an interesting effect.

I found another photo with blue and white accents, but this homemaker added a pale aqua to the mix, which in my opinion,  is so gorgeous. It made me stop and think that we should at the least try it and if it works, just go for it!

Which brings me to the following decorating ideas. Mixing antiques with ‘now’ decor isn’t anything new and I think most of us have always added something from grandma’s house to one or more of our rooms. I’m not so sure I would have thought to throw in these next few items,  yet they’re so, so cutely placed!

Vintage thermos bottles-Added color
Add a couple of vintage Thermos bottles to your vignette, along with an old ice chest to liven up your decor and to make for some conversations!
Collection of old cameras. White offset with black and silver
Your shabby chic wall will look ever so chic with antique cameras hanging on the wall or one single camera sitting on the a table. Or both!