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Build Your Own Corner Christmas Tree

Build Your Own Corner Christmas Tree

What a beautiful Christmas display for your home!

Are you limited on space? Well, we think this corner Christmas Tree is the ideal solution. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find free instructions on how to build it but if you’re good at making things from wood I think you could easily figure it out. Otherwise, this link will send you to a page where you can buy the instructions.

There’s a couple of cool things I noticed about this tree. The photo shows that hinges were used to connect one side of the tree to the other, which makes the perfect storage solution.  Just fold it up and it will fit right under a bed or in a closet and then the shelves and base look as though they are individually removed for storage.

Again, not only does this tree make a beautiful display, it can pitch hit as your Christmas Tree!

Build Your Own Corner Christmas Tree

Corner Christmas Tree Display

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Colors, Colors, Colors

Colors, Colors, Colors

Bing & Grondahl Mother's Day Plate blue and white colors
Check out what plates we have available in our Collectible Plates

While looking through some of the decorating sites found on the web, one element of current home decor trends was clearly predominate; the year 2016 is all about color! Bright colors at that! I saw Hot Pinks, pale pinks, yellows, turquoise, and purple to just name a few. Although, none of these colors made me stop and want to write about them. Until I came across the following photo from House Beautiful. I stopped dead in my tracks. House Beautiful-Delft Blue decor colors I have always loved the delft blue. I really prefer it in smaller doses though so I think there’s a bit too much of a good thing in the photo at left. In my opinion, the blue and white together are so striking that you need only had a touch here and there for an eye-catching look.  One great and inexpensive accent would be to add a Royal Copenhagen Christmas plate, or a Bing & Grondahl, Mother’s Day plate, as shown here. You can hang a plate or two on the wall or place on a couple of them on a plate stand and add to other items on a side table or buffet. Since yellow is one of the new 2016 colors, you’ll find that the royal blue looks fantastic with bright yellow!



Everyday home with blue and white decor color
Royal blue and white accented with pale aqua for an interesting effect.

I found another photo with blue and white accents, but this homemaker added a pale aqua to the mix, which in my opinion,  is so gorgeous. It made me stop and think that we should at the least try it and if it works, just go for it!

Which brings me to the following decorating ideas. Mixing antiques with ‘now’ decor isn’t anything new and I think most of us have always added something from grandma’s house to one or more of our rooms. I’m not so sure I would have thought to throw in these next few items,  yet they’re so, so cutely placed!

Vintage thermos bottles-Added color
Add a couple of vintage Thermos bottles to your vignette, along with an old ice chest to liven up your decor and to make for some conversations!
Collection of old cameras. White offset with black and silver
Your shabby chic wall will look ever so chic with antique cameras hanging on the wall or one single camera sitting on the a table. Or both!






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Kid’s Room DIY Ideas

Kid’s Room DIY Ideas. In this News update, we’re featuring three DIY ideas and brought to you by to give your son or daughter’s bedroom a new look. If you have the time and the inclination, projects like these always make the end result that much better when you Do-it-Yourself!!

Junior Loft Bed

First up in this adorable Junior Loft Bed with instructions from  What little girl or boy wouldn’t run into their room to go to bed, if they had this set-up? The good news is it isn’t a difficult or costly project. The Skill Level is set at Intermediate and the cost is two $$.  Instructions include a list of all supplies needed. (See below for instructions on how to make the pictures behind the bed.)


Kid's Room DIY Ideas-Junior Loft Bed

Kids’ Room Animal Art Prints

Download your favorite animal prints right from Lowe’s instructional page. Choose from one of five sizes designed to fit standard frames. The skill level is a beginner and the cost one $.

Kid's Room DIY Ideas-Kid's Room Animal Prints







Kids’ Clothespin Art Display

The sky is the limit on how you can finish off the overall look of this art display from Lowe’s.  The instructions include a downloadable choice of  either a butterfly or a fish. Of course, you could finish off with any illustration that means something to your son or daughter. For example, a soccer ball would be an awesome look for either your son or your daughter.  Skill level is a beginner and the cost is one $.

Kid's Room DIY Ideas-Kids' Clothespin Art Display

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Easter DIY With Recyclables

Fun Make it Yourself Gift BoxEaster DIY With Recyclables

Easter DIY With Recyclables-With Easter quickly approaching and the weather not providing too many shopper friendly options, I thought this make-it-yourself-gift-box would be fun to make.

This unique Easter gift box is super easy to make! A clear plastic food container is simply painted pink, blue, or yellow and topped with colorful funny-paper posies and a bow.

Easter Gift Box Directions

Recycled items: small plastic food container and color comics from a newspaper.

You will also need- 7/8 yd of 7/8″ wide ribbon, desired color chalk paint or any spray paint, floral wire, wire cutters, green floral tape, tracing paper, and a low-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks.

  1. Paint the container
  2. Making the roses. (Make two following the directions) Trace petal pattern below, onto tracing paper; cut out. Use pattern to cut 6 petals from comics. Wrap top edges of each petal around a pencil to curl. (Fig. 1.)
  3. For rose center, cut a 3″ x 13″ strip from comics. Fold 1 end of strip 1/4″ to 1 side (wrong side). Matching wrong sides, fold strip in half lengthwise. (long folded edge is top of strip). Beginning with unfolded end, roll about one+quater of strip tightly; glue to secure. Roll remainder of strip loosely, folding small uneven pleats in bottom edge and spot gluing bottom edge to secure.
  4. With top edges curling outward, wrap bottom of 1 petal around bottom of rose center; glue to secure. Wrap a second petal around rose center opposite first petal; glue to secure. Overlapping petals, repeat to glue remaining petals around rose center.
  5. For stem on each rose, glue 1 end of a 2″ length of floral wire into bottom of rose. Wrap bottom of rose and wire with floral tape, covering wire completely.
  6. Follow Making a Multi-Loop Bow (Fig. 2) to make a double-loop bow from ribbon,  below.
  7. Arrange roses and bow on box as desired; glue in place.


petal pattern

Making a Multi-Loop Bow

Fig. 2
Layered Bow

A layered bow is two (or many) bows layered on top of each other and held together with the wires from the topmost bow. The wires on the other bows are cut close and the top bow has a center loop. The bottom bow is the largest and has the longest tails. 



1. Measure the length of  ribbon for the first tail. Hold the ribbon with your thumb and forefinger.

Multi-loop bow directions-

2. With the right side of the ribbon facing out, make a loop one side.  (8″ of ribbon makes a 4″ loop)

Multi-loop bow directions- 

3. Make a full twist of the ribbon so the right side of the ribbon is still facing out and make a loop toward the other side. 

Multi-loop bow directions- 

4. Continue alternating loops right and left, fully twisting the ribbon as you go, until you have made the required number of loops on each side. Put florist wire around the center and twist it tightly at the back of the bow. The wire should be tight enough so the loops move independently and can be adjusted to make a full, fluffy bow. 




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5 Kitchen Decorating Ideas

5 Kitchen Decorating Ideas for the Designer on a Budget

Do you think your kitchen looks drab and lifeless? Or is it too small that things cluttered the counter or the cabinet? If you don’t have the budget to do a renovation, you can at least do some kitchen decorating. It does not have to be expensive if you do it the smart way. Set a cost limit and make sure that you stay within the budget by recycling stuff and buying items that are on sale.

To help you with your project, here are 5 kitchen decorating ideas for the designer on a budget.

1. Turn Laminate Countertops into a Faux Stone

Pull the laminate off the countertop with the use of a hammer and pry bar. (Hammer the pry bar from the edge of the laminate top and yank it off.) Then sand the wood (counter) top, removing pieces of wood sticking up and loose splinters with a palm sander.

To get the perfect “stone” look, use Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint. Apply the paint directly to the wood in three coats allowing the paint to dry after each coat. Seal paint with Minwax Finishing Paste Wax to protect the paint from fading. You will also need an AutoRight Detailing Polisher to apply the wax.

Place a tiny amount of wax on the foam applicator then apply it to the counter, covering all the painted area in the process. Allow the wax to set for at least 20 minutes then using the microfiber bonnet, buff the entire top.

If you’ll be using the countertop a lot, use a heavier sealant like polycrylic or polyurethane that will withstand water a lot better. The finished product should look like this. counter

2. Personalize Cabinet Doors

Personalize you cabinet doors by creating your own pulls using printed oilcloth handles. With a pair of scissors, cut a narrow strip of oilcloth measuring approximately 1-1/4×14 inches in your chosen design. Fold the cloth in half and stitch the two long sides to make a pocket. Insert three layers of cut heavy cardstock inside the pocket to gain enough support then stitch both ends of the pocket closed. Paint two screws in colors that coordinate with the pulls and let them dry. Attach the pulls to your cabinet using the painted screws. Now you have pretty personalized cabinet doors.

3. Decorative Magnetic Spice Rack

To reduce clutter in your cabinets and counters, make your own wall-mounted, magnetic spice rack. Creating a magnetic spice rack will help you save a lot as pre-made ones are quite expensive and may not be designed for the space you have in mind. To learn how to make one like what is pictured below, click here for the step-by-step instructions.
spice holder

4. DIY Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

If you want to add a rustic touch to your kitchen this kitchen decorating idea is just what you need. It’s easy to do and you only need a piece of wood, the older the better, and a few hooks to hang the cups.
First cut the wood according to the length and width that you want. Pierce the hooks into the widest part of the wood and put proper distance between them to ensure that your cups or mugs will not bump each other. Stain the wood with a natural tint and hang it on a wall in your kitchen. You can also make one for your tongs, ladles, and other kitchen utensils.
coffee mug holder

5. Colorful Mason Jar Organizers

Paint the interior of a clean and dry mason jar either by pouring paint into the jar and swishing around until fully covered or by spray painting. You can use different color chalk paint or acrylic for each jar. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry. Label each jar using sticker paper, add the corresponding kitchen supplies then place them on the counter. Quick and easy kitchen decorating idea on a budget! ebay redemption code

mason jars

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DIY Projects!

DIY Project: Do you have an old bed frame sitting around?  

DIY Bedframe BenchA while back I spotted a photo of a garden bench I fell in love with. The site had a ton of ideas, but I globbed onto only the one. I mainly liked it because it had that vintage shabby chic look that always gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside and it lets your imagination take you on a journey to a better place and time. At least for me it does. So I searched until I found a site with instructions and then as luck would have it, I also found someone local who was giving away a vintage maple queen size head and footboard. Did you catch the two main words? Giving away. Free. No charge. And I was first in line to take it!

Unfortunately, after explaining to my husband what I wanted and how we/he would build it, he talked me out of the queen size bed because, as he so annoyingly reminded me,  we had a twin bed frame in storage that could be used. I knew it wasn’t going to be the size I was hoping for, nor the look the queen would give me, but I had to go along with what he was willing to do.

That said; in spite of it ending up smaller than what I wanted, it is absolutely adorable and I do love it! The photo above was taken when it was almost complete. It now sports a white cushion with a bright red, orange and green floral design that I purchased at Walmart. If you think my new bench is cute, check out the benches on this site. They’re to die for!!  Oh and by the way; I explained to the woman who was giving the queen bed frame away what I had planned to do with it and she decided instead of getting rid of it, she would keep it and make a garden bench too! So in the end this project was a win-win.


This photo shows an awesome idea for a planter if you don’t have a lot of space, or soil to plant in. What’s great about it too is it can be scaled to whatever size you need. I think once the plants start growing, they will cover up the modern look if that isn’t your style. Instructions are not needed, as it’s a visual thing. So if you Cinder block planterhave cinder block sitting around instead of making a stereotypical bookcase, why not go for an easy outdoor planter? It looks as though the blocks are only stacked against the fence and not secured in any way. Anyway, in my famous last words it looks easy enough to build.


Patio color paletteI found this photo on a posting by Real Simple and chose it because of the colors. Whatever your color palette is this looks to be a simple and perfect way to bring them to the table, so to speak. Just find different elements (try the Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift Stores or, check us out too) in the same color tones, add flowers, grapes or any object matching the colors. Set them on your patio table and voila!


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Decorating for Less

 I first ran this article in our newsletter from May of 2009. What’s awesome is I think the technique and designs are still relevant today. Make it your own and have fun with it!

Instant Art, Always in Bloom–

These DIY garden prints add a lot of charm for not a lot of money.

So, you’ve been eyeing (or eying-whichever you prefer) that set of framed botanical prints but just can’t swallow The Gerbera Daisythe price. Or perhaps you love plants, but 19th-century engravings clash with your style. We’ve discovered it’s surprisingly easy, and stylistically liberating, to produce stunning contemporary botanicals from your home computer. At left, a Gerbera daisy is transformed into a color graphic when copied as a transparency in a flatbed scanner.

Picture Perfect Blooms

To create your own botanical images, you’ll need a computer, flatbed scanner, and a willingness to experiment.

Begin by placing plants directly on the platen glass of your scanner. Plant juices will stain the underside Scanning the Imageof the scanner cover, so place a sheet of mounting board over the flowers before closing the cover. Don’t worry if you flatten the plants; part of the surprise is seeing them in two dimensions.

Dramatic Shapes

Overlap multiple flowers on the scanner or zoom in tightly for abstract effects.

HibiscusMost scanning software allows image adjustments. Play with the scan color, contrast, and brightness to create the most vibrant images. If your scanner includes a transparency adapter, you can shoot through translucent plants to reveal delicate veining and unseen detail.

Experiment With Greenery

Think outside the bloom.

Don’t limit yourself to only flowers. Greenery, such as ferns or plants scanned with the roots intact, Fernmakes for dramatic botanical studies.

Play With Patterns

Play around with different effects.Rose Petals

Create repeating patterns and color fields by scanning masses of flower petals or autumn leaves. A basic color scanner captured the velvet-like texture of these rose petals

Get in Close

Back it up.

TulipsYou can change the mood of your botanicals by using different backing boards. A black piece of card stock placed above this trio of tulips creates a striking background.

Frame your new prints.

Cut to Fit

Save your work by printing to a quality inkjet printer or writing to a disk for output Cut to Sizeat most photo finishers. The first step to displaying your work is centering the printed image in the glass provided in a frame. Trace around the glass, and cut the image with scissors. Install the trimmed image into the frame.

Bring the Garden Inside

Tips for Displaying Prints

Place your botanicals in a line on the wall or find a sunlit window where you can showcaseFramed Botanticals your favorites. Before you turn your flower scanner back into a document copier, remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning the platen glass.

By Rex Perry, Cottage Living

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Decorating Tips


A Look at Tablescapes

It’s been a while since I’ve posted decorating tips, so I thought while some of us may be into  spring cleaning it might be the perfect time to refresh your decorating style. I happened across Traditional Home’s (TH) web site and found that they’re spotlighting tablescapes by various designers. Perfect timing, I’d say.

Tablescape design
The tablescape to the left is from designer Gary McBournie’s home. TH says: The sculptural quality of the branches sets off this starry vignette. The lamp shade is just sitting on top of a clear vase and is obviously for effect only. How clever is that?

TH: An interplay of textures adds intrigue to a grouping of objects d’art.Tablescape Design 2
I personally do not care for the pinkish-tone lighting in this photograph, but the art work is intriguing and it shows you how a grouping of different types of art objects seem to work together.

TH: Fuchsia orchids pop against the neutrals of the picture hung above the Tablescape Designs 3table. This is an easy enough change to make in your home. You can add a ‘pop’ of color to any grouping to get an awesome effect. And most certainly the picture in the background wouldn’t have to be in black and white. Any muted color scheme would do.

You can find a lot of cute, inexpensive items in our Home Decor category that can help you to achieve similar looks to what are shown here.

To be continued with more Tablescapes in our next issue.


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Home Decorating Ideas

decorated lamp shade

Decorating or redecorating your home is far from being a simple and easy task. It is a complicated challenge that requires deep thinking and a great deal of hard work. Basically, this entails a lot of research in order to know the best decoration styles that may fit our home. Of course, one cannot embark on a decoration adventure without the full understanding of what to do, which to decorate, and what amount to spend. In order to be successful in one’s home decorating goal, he or she must first be ready for it.

First of all, there should be a complete understanding that home decorating is not just about putting up decorations. Indeed, home decorating is way more than that. Basically, it is all about art – as a matter of fact, this is where a combination and a concoction of artistic ideas merged into a meaningful whole. In simplistic and concrete terms, home decorating involves matching designs, colors, textures, and even motifs. For instance, a golden framed mirror might not be suitable in a room where the motif is centered on native materials. Such an item might look grand and luxurious, but it is truly and largely out of place in a room mentioned in the example. Basically, if the motif or theme is native-material centered, then your items must be in harmony with your theme.

What if in your opinion your room does not have a theme? What if you like a more eclectic look where anything goes? Well, everything has a theme. Even the eclectic look of a little bit of everything is a theme.  Believe it or not, some spend a lot of money and try very hard to achieve the eclectic look, while making it seem like a haphazard design put together on a shoestring budget. As an example of one way to achieve an eclectic look; is to add flowers to a contemporary vase, set atop an antique entry table.  This can set the decorating tone for your entire house. Don’t stop at the vase: If you place large a mottled mirror, on the wall, the image of the flower arrangement will to dance off it,  and you’ll have created a picture-perfect scene.  You’re still not finished though: the inclusion of antique candle holders or decorative jars that may only look like antiques, will tie the entire eclectic scene together.

If you want to keep it simple, then opt for a balanced and light motif. Do not bring in heavily decorated Eclectic decorating ideasdisplays. Instead, buy light materials which are inexpensive and understated. You can make the look your own by adding color to a neutral tone room.  Throw pillows or a rug in a bold color against neutral tones will bring a room to life and very inexpensively.  Other ways to add colors or change the look of a room inexpensively is by adding things like a wall clock, photo frames, coat hooks, and shelves. Here at www. we sell many, inexpensive décor items to help you to add a different look to your room. Don’t forget too, what a little spray of paint can do for any item! You can visit one of the DIY sites to get ideas of how to repurpose.

A clear jar can be made to look like an antique aqua glass with the use of glass paint!! Or you can make a jar look like mercury glass by swirly mirror paint around inside. Again, check the DIY or Pinterest for all the ideas you need to change up something we have on our site.

Always keep in mind though that buying more decorations for your home does not necessarily mean a better decorated home. Having decorations that do not fit the motif will only make things worse for you and your home and your pocket.