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Top 5 Hottest Hair Colors

Top 5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2014

With every change of the season brings new trends in fashion that women cannot resist to copy. From head to foot, there are always new designs and new looks to try. Fall is here so why not do a hair makeover to make you look fall-perfect for this season. Aside from your wardrobe, hair and make-up are the ones that you should focus on to keep you updated of the latest trends. However, in order not to make a disaster of yourself, it would be best to make sure that the trend would suit you best.

The Plumberry Hair Color

5 Top Hair Colors-#1- Plumberry

This hair color trend is created from a combination of ruby red and violet hair products. Plumberry is great for women with neutral or cool skin tones and fancy a dark red hair color. Women with skin tone should stay away from using too much violet in their hair color to prevent a sallow or yellowish complexion.

The Black Currant Hair Color

Top 5 Hair Colors-#2-Black Currant
If you’re bored with your dark brown or black hair, black currant will be your best option. It creates a purplish-black hair color that is very flattering for brunettes with cool skin tone. This color can be achieved by mixing purple with reverse ombré or soft somber before applying to a natural brown hair. Go ahead and color your hair, this is the right time to use your eBay coupon code to get great deals on hair products.

The Amber Romance Hair Color

5 Fall Hair Colors-Amber Romance









This hair color is a perfect transition to fall for women who wore a dazzling shade of apricot hair color last summer. Amber romance has saffron-orange tinges that are suitable for golden-skinned women which can vary from honey color to vibrant copper hues.

The Winter Storm Hair Color

Stormy Gray

We used to think that grey hairs can make us older thus, we apply hair colors that will make us younger. This fall 2014, grey hair color is in for fashionable women who want to look attractive and different. This hair color calls to mind the stormy grey skies of winter and looks great in fair-skinned women. You can find high-quality hair products at eBay with the help of coupon code.  On you can find some inexpensive hair accessories to help with styling your hair.

The Juniper Breeze Hair Color

Juniper Color Hair


We usually associate Juniper hair color with fantasy movies where fairies, mermaids and mythical creatures were featured. This pastel greens and blues have a sprightly look brought by its delicate tints. It can be produced in two ways: with green as predominant tone to achieve spear green or light blue to create a baby blue hue. This brand new take on pastel hair color is perfectly suited for women with cool skin tones.


So, what are your waiting for? Indulge your fashion cravings by sporting the hottest hair color in town!


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