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Are you looking forward to 2014?

I’ve heard chatter about how ‘they’ can’t wait for 2014 to get here so things will be better. I guess if you believe in numerology, 2014 could be a better year for you. On the other hand, why bother waiting until 2014 to make your life better?

Well, I can answer that for you! The reason you’ll wait until then is because there’s only two days left of 2013! And you know the motto: Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Or is it the other way around? Whatever.

I personally am going to try to make myself be a better person in 2014 by having a more positive attitude about situations in my life. I don’t know how I’m going to do it though, especially when I have a problem thinking positive thoughts when I’ve just finished cleaning the kitchen and a family member comes along behind me and creates another mess for me to clean up. I really do want to see the silver lining in this scenario, but I just can’t quite seem to get there.

Whatever your plans are for 2014 I hope you succeed in achieving all that you aspire to. Again, I know I’m going to try my darndest to be better. I think we should meet back here on this date in 2014 and see how we did. Is it a date?

In the meantime, have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!







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The Holidays Are Here Again!


Yes siree! It’s that time of year again and you either love it or hate it, but no matter which way it is, the holidays are here to stay for the next few weeks!

This year’s shopping frenzy was launched by a few of the stores on Thanksgiving Day and this was over protests from many people who thought the holiday should remain just that: A holiday where shopping is forbidden. I personally do not have a problem with the stores opening on Thanksgiving Day  if they have willing employees to work the shifts. After all, those same stores are also online and are open for business 24/7/365.  And besides, after you eat dinner what else is there to do, but shop?

The following day, or Black Friday as it’s more commonly known, was once again met with mob scenes at stores such as WalMart. I really do have a problem with this type of shopping because I do not think there’s anything out there worth getting into a fight over.

So we got past Black Friday with our big screen TV’s and were faced next with Small Business Saturday. Technically, we fall into this group. I mean we’re definitely a small business. I do not have much to add to this fairly new shopping day as I didn’t hear anything about how the businesses fared.

Now, we come to our domain! Cyber Monday! If you were not already shopped out by now, you should have been shopping the deals you could find online. And I hope you found some, but if you didn’t no need to panic because Cyber Monday has been expanded to include the entire week. That’ right! Cyber Monday is now Cyber Week!! Now that’s smart marketing because you still have plenty of time to shop till you drop!

To that point, you should know that we have a lot of hidden deals; like how we offer free shipping on certain items, only you have to check out the item in order to know this. We also have some little girl hair bows that are offered at a reduced price when you buy 3 at a time. (The photos the consignor sent are not the best, so don’t hold that against her. The bows are really awesome!! ) And of course, we have our Ace-in-the-Hole: The Name Your Price Sale! Where else can you shop and name the price you’re willing to pay? And it isn’t that hard to do: Send us an email at and tell us which item(s) you want and what you’re willing to pay. That’s all there is to it!

So let’s go shopping!


Bing Crosby-Mele Kalikimaka or Merry Christmas!